Pivot Power

Inventor Jake Zien dreamed up Pivot Power as a high school senior and submitted to Quirky in 2010 while attending the Rhode Island School of Design. Like many of Quirky’s best sellers, it solved a universal problem: fitting plugs of varying sizes into conventional power strips and outlets. With many additional variations, Quirky built an entire category and ecosystem around Mr. Zien’s initial submission.

Jake’s power strip was the first Quirky product chosen that was powered through a standard electrical outlet. Because of this, it posed a bit more of an engineering challenge than we had been used to. Since it's launch the Pivot Power product line has encompassed everything from a tough workshop variation to a smart connected product that you can control from your phone. We now sell these products in multiple countries around the world thereby making Jake and all the Quirky community members that helped develop those products lots of money.

Pivot Power was featured in WIRED magazine as a “product they wish they had thought of.”

Like the actual product the packaging evolved over the years. The initial packaging used pulp and plastic to hold the power strip in a circular form. This disrupted other Power Strips at retail and consumers could easily see how the product could flex and bend. Over time we used less materials without losing shelf impact and this saved us shipping costs as well as helping us reduce packaging waste.

The fronts of the Quirky packs were glossy and explained exactly what these new inventions did. The backs were hand drawn showing that these products were originally napkin concepts designed by everyday people like yourself. All of the drawings were done by our inhouse design team and they were encouraged to have fun and express the witty side of the brand.

Pivot Power Pop

We made Pivot Power Pop with six flexible outlets in bold, head-turning hues. The junior version had only 4 outlets.

Pivot Power Media

A fully loaded upgrade designed for gamers, media junkies, and entertainment addicts. Outfitted with eight AC ports, phone/Internet hookups, and a F-Coax input/output.

Prop Power

The flexibility to wrap a power outlet around a table leg, ladder, or sawhorse—and to prop outlets at the perfect level for easy access.

Pivot Power Genius

An app-enabled version of the original power strip. This one puts the power at your fingertips, allowing you to independently control two outlets from your mobile device.

Pickup Power

A desktop power strip with three AC outlets and 1080 joules of surge protection. But the best part? It’s got a portable battery you can pop out and take with you in a pinch.

Designed at

Quirky, NYC

Photography + Videos

Quirky inhouse teams

& Marshall Troy