Link Light Bulbs

Quirky had been working with GE for a while on a line of connected smart products. Light Bulbs were not in the product portfolio and we noticed that Philips led the connected-lighting charge and GE were being left behind. The Philips Hue bulbs were unapproachable for the average consumer. At $60 the Hue bulbs were far too expensive for anyone to reasonably upgrade a whole household’s worth of lighting. At Quirky we knew we had a cheaper solution and approached GE Lighting with our project.

All of the other bulbs on the market, looked nothing like the comforting incandescent that GE made famous. Our proposal: Make an LED bulb that looks like an incandescent, works like a smart bulb, but costs only $15. As it turned out, the idea of reinventing the bulb has been bubbling in GE’s mind already—our synchronicity was undeniable and we got the bulbs to market in record time. No company had been successful in delivering an affordable, mass-market connected light bulb to the consumer, and (with our help) it only made sense that GE Link bulbs were the brand to break into this market.

Quirky acted as a design house for GE to create a visual identity as fresh and innovative as the Link bulbs themselves. Unlike the rest of the stale, cluttered boxes in the lighting aisle, our GE Link packaging features eye-catching infographics and a clean, modern look.

Designed at

Quirky, NYC



Quirky inhouse team &
Marshall Troy