Coca-Cola Splash Bar

Coca-Cola wanted to introduce their products to emerging markets where consumers and vendors have budgetary constraints to overcome. They were also looking to move away from traditional packaging to newer and more cost effective models. Times are changing and they asked us to look at the future of their packaging and delivery systems across all markets. The Coca-Cola Splash Bar was one of the winning concepts that made it all the way to market.

The Splash Bar is a cost effective system that allows vendors to sell the drinks their customers want to buy. The vendors could cool the product with ice (not with electricity) and the customers have flex-portioning, called splashes, tailored to the size of thirst and budget. This empowers local kiosks and bodegas to effectively sell Coca-Cola products at the needed quantity while still maintaining a low cost.

Designed at



Fahrenheit-212, NYC
Identity assistance by Georgina Clarke