Coca-Cola PlantBottle™

At Fahrenheit 212, we worked with Coca-Cola’s global packaging team to translate a complex advance in polymer production into a clear and compelling consumer proposition. The PlantBottle™ brand name evolved from the concept development and strategic positioning work undertaken at Fahrenheit 212 and the PlantBottle™ icon was conceived by our in-house design team.

Coca-Cola’s PlantBottle™ program represented a breakthrough in CPG packaging innovation – using renewable resources to create a environmentally friendly PET package that is 100% compatible with existing packaging recycling infrastructures. We had a few different strategies for the identity, some were based on this complex recycling process and some on the innovative new bottle. The winning logo concept used the iconic recycling logo with one arrow being replaced with a leaf.

The Plantbottle logo has been featured on over 15 billion packages in 25 counties since its launch on 2010. Coke says those bottles have kept a total of 315,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, from being released into the atmosphere.

Designed at

Fahrenheit212, NYC


Supplied by Coca-Cola

Press and Awards

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