Alcohol Branding

I've worked on many Alcohol brands for various firms over the years. Creating new brands or innovations (not just basic line extensions) is always complex and hard to do in this crowded market. The amount of money needed to launch and market a brand is often cost prohibitive and many concepts never make it out of testing. Here are a few of ideas I worked on that I thought had a lot of merit but never made it to the big wide world. They are all based around the strategy of creating professional cocktails at home, there (was) and still is a huge maker movement. Speakeasy cocktail bars were popping up everywhere, we wanted to combine these two ideas and bring them to people's homes with brands they trust.


From the W, luxury hotelier of the world, proprietor of some of the world’s most innovative bars, and explorer of new possibilities in cocktailing, comes a remarkable collection of new world cocktails. These hotels are trusted and make amazing cocktails using other brands, why not create one just for them. The identity is based heavily on the overall W Wetbar experience that is typically a dark wood aesthetic designed in contemporized mid-century modern style. The bottle’s black label conjures the bar at night, as well as a premium cue that contrasts the liquid. The location gives each cocktail a curated special seal of approval.


A creative cocktail system where no combination is wrong – a base specialty spirit, with first-of-its-kind set of compatible companion mixers – sweet blend, sour blend, bitter blend. This combination can make unlimited classic (or new) cocktails. The structure is based on a large steel ice bucket with space for the 4 bottles. The  Vodka bottle has three curves taken out of its contour so that the other bottles fit around to form a cocktail set. Inspired by the language of cocktails all the bottles have a masculine edge with strong spirit credentials.



Sparkling Cocteau's are brighter and more vivid on the palate than wine, with the sophistication to elevate a moment as beer never can, they bring iridescent sparkling perfection to the dinner table, the light lunch, poolside or a conversation in the kitchen. The bottles are very inviting and designed to be for the centre of the table. The structure is a modernized champagne bottle, made more approachable and accessible for everyday consumption. The top of the bottle is a simple twist cap for easy opening and immediacy.



A menu of five great cocktails and a cool, elegant canister with everything you need to make them all: A classic Rum cocktail spirit, and three companion mixer bottles. The structure is based on a system of interlocking bottles where each bottle has a space on the bottom to accommodate a cap, therefore the 4 bottles stack to create a language of dependency, where one bottle of spirit needs another. The stacks are then placed in a paperboard tube with a cut away window on both sides that allows color to celebrate the system and the liquid colors. The tube is screwed into the base.



Created by cocktailing legend Dale DeGroff, Westcot draws its name and inspiration from the Westcot vest sported by history’s greatest barmen. Professionally crafted classic drinks elevated by some of the world’s finest spirits. Based on the cocktail shaker where one part is glass and the other is metal. The glass part is made with a wide rim lid and the metal top is a cover/lid. Once you open the glass part you simply add ice cubes and shake, then pour into a glass.



The color of the drink in a man’s glass says a lot about him. Black malt is often used in beer as an alternative to caramel in order to darken the color.  In BlackJack it is used to create a darker mash together with the wheat rye & corn. Which in turn creates a deeper, darker and smooth as you could possibly hope for whisky to be drunk straight. The structure stays true to the Classic Jack bottle form. The glass is now a dark black glass bottle with a rich deep brown white label with crisp white & bronze type.




Trigger cocktails serve up a cool, bright taste that says welcome and home puts back your sparkle. A whole new experience in after work refreshment. The bottles are all different and based on the classic seltzer bottles of the 50’s that were in bars and the home. The trigger sits on top, a clear statement of function. The cocktail is filled with seven bars of CO2 and sealed with the trigger actuator. The actuator simply acts as a liquid release mechanism due to the high pressure inside. Once opened the pressure is maintained for a period of 10 days.


Designed at

Fahrenheit 212, NYC